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Textasync. A new form of media. Easy. Free.

Create typography videos synced to vocals. 


What is typography?

Typography is the art of arranging text, punctuation, words, and symbols to make a visually appealing composition.

Why would I want to sync it to vocals?

When typography is synced to vocals it enhances your message and allows the viewer to absorb each word at a substantially higher capacity than traditional media.


What does Textasync do?

Textasync is a platform that enables end-users to render high-quality kinetic typography and share it in a creative ecosystem.

Who would use Textasync?

Anybody! People who are musicians, poets, marketers, influences, or anybody who wants a creative format to share content.

What do I need to use it?

Just create an account and upload your audio file.

What if I don't have any design training?

That's okay, our platform does all the work and walks users through all aspects of the design process.

How does it work?

Users upload audio, confirm the transcription, select styles and render results! It's that easy.

Can I share my video?

Yes, Textasync has a sharing ecosystem so everybody can view high-quality content.

What if the transcription doesn't work perfectly and some words are wrong?

Not to worry, with the handy transcription editor, users can edit and confirm the transcription.

Are there additional styles and features?

Yes, we are working on a pro-version of Textasync so users can maximize the power of our dynamic platform.

When can I use it?

We are working furiously on completing our development and we hope to have beta testing completed by 3rd quarter 2020 and be fully released by 2021